Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top Six Picks: Circle Sunnies

It is no question that circle sunnies are all the rage right now and I have to say I LOVE this John Lennon reminiscent trend! There are so many different styles, prints, and colors to chose from that they can be worn for any occasion. Whether it be a laid-back music festival, an afternoon by the pool, or a chic event, you can count on finding the perfect pair of round shades to complete any outfit. Featured below are my Top Six Picks dream sunglasses!

Where you can find my top six picks :
three: Nordstrom
four: TOMS
five: ASOS
six: Target

-and with love, a

p.s. I bought my first pair this week at H&M for just $6.95...

 and I think I just started a new addiction! I feel a splurge coming on and I have been drooling over those Marc Jacobs beauties!  But, shhhh! Don't tell my parents, I have to save up for new tires for my car EEEEK!

Comment below and tell me what you think about the circle sunnies trend!