Monday, May 6, 2013

Crepe Kit

Thinking of a creative hostess or housewarming gift can be bit daunting. The pressure of buying something that will fit in ones home and reflect their style, or the anxiety of unwrapping something that you "LOVE" and "just so happened really needed", when it will actually be hidden until the next time that person visits can be really stressful. While the more typical gift like a seasonal dish towel and scented soap is a lovely gesture, making a home a little more special by adding a personal and creative touch can really go a long way. So that's how my sister and I came up with creating a Crepe Kit to bring as a little house warming gift for our friends, Stacey and Caitlin! Best of all this is cute and EASY :) Hope you enjoy! 

Crepe Kit: 

-Large Jar
-Mini chalkboards and chalk
-Basket Filler  

-Crepe Mix
-Mini wild blueberry syrup
-Mini Nutella
-Mini apricot jam
-Mini whisk

-fill bottom of jar with basket filler
-arrange all the ingredients and whisk inside the jar
-wrap the neck of the jar with twine and tie on chalk board and chalk 

In case you have not yet noticed, I am kind of, actually seriously OBSESSED things that are simple, easy, and involving anything miniature. Not yet sure if it is a healthy obsession or not...I guess time will tell ;)  

-and with love, a
p.s. I'm thinking next time it would be cute to make a little cupcake kit! What else do you think would work? 

*Supplies found at World Market with the exception of  twine and basket filler which can be found at Michaels