Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rosey Thursday

 What a wonderful day for some spring inspiration, right?! RIGHT.  So, as I was drinking my morning cup of chamomile from my favorite anthropologie mug, admiring the bright spring blooms in my backyard, I thought that fresh roses would be the perfect addition to my kitchen table. I rushed inside, grabbed a pair of scissors, and approached the rose garden ready to snip some stems. As I took a closer look at all the roses, most looked like they were but a slight breeze away from losing all their petals. Putting them in a vase would basically ensure immediate drooping so I decided to leave them on the bush. I grabbed my mug to go inside, and that's when I had the perfect idea.The roses would look adorable in my cutest mugs, the lips of the mug would hold up the petals to prevent them from falling apart!

I selected the three best roses...

and trimmed off all the leaves and thorns, then cut the stems slightly shorter than the height of the mug. 

So remember, you do not need to have a bunch of perfect flowers to make something spectacular, just think outside the vase! :) Happy Thursday everyone! 

-and with love, a 

p.s. I am currently OBSESSED with mugs. Mugs from anthropologie are my fave but I usually wait until they are on sale and Cost Plus has awesome mugs with great prices! 

Post a comment below and tell me where you find your favorite mugs!